New members are always welcome at the Leduc Curling Club

We offer a variety of curling leagues, and we have one that is just right for you too! You can sign-up as a team or individual.

If you don’t have a team to play on, don’t be concerned. The league organizers will ensure that you get a place on a team.  All leagues accept spares and new players throughout the year.

Rates - 2017-18

All league fees are per player, GST included.

Leagues Per Player  
Summer League $200  No discounts apply
Monday Learn to Curl - Fall $105 based on four person team
Monday Learn to Curl - Winter $105 based on four person team
Monday Mixed Doubles - Fall $105 based on two person team
Monday Mixed Doubles - Winter $105 based on two person team
Tuesday Town& Country $105  
Tuesday Fun $300 based on four person team
Wednesday Senior Sturling $80 per person 
Wednesday Commercial $315 based on four person team
Thursday Junior    
Thursday Men’s $315 based on four person team
Friday Senior Drop-In $10 per person - per drop-in
Friday Mixed $267.75 based on four person team


New members Discount – If you Register for Tuesday Open, Commercial, Mens, or Mixed leagues and did not play in the Leduc Curling Club in last three years – a $30 Discount will be taken off your league fee.

Multi-league Discount – For every additional league registered, you will receive a 20% discount on the least expensive leagues.

Junior Discount – For juniors registered in evening leagues, a 50% discount is available.  Juniors are considered under 21 as of Dec 31, of this calendar year.

Bingos – For every bingo worked last year, over the required two bingos, you will receive a credit towards next years fees.

New to Curling? Here are some useful tips.

Ice level temperature is approximately 5 Celsius/40 degrees F. It’s best to wear a light jacket or fleece over a warm shirt.  Thin flexible gloves are also a great idea. Curling requires a little stretching and you will be more comfortable wearing pants that are loose.

Headgear. The Club recommends that you wear either a headband or helmet while on the ice.

Clean Shoes.  The ice needs to be clean, debris from dirty shoes can make the rocks behave erratically and cause damage to the ice.  Please bring a separate pair of clean shoes you do not wear outdoors. There are changing rooms and lockers available.

The Club recommends that you wear grippers on both feet while on the ice, except when delivering a rock.

No food or drinks are allowed on the ice.

Sliders, curling brooms and sticks are available from the Club free of charge.

Please arrive 15 minutes before start time for ice preparations:  put on shoes, warm-ups, shoe taping, etc.

Please leave the scores on the board at the end of each game.

If you have to miss a curling game please arrange for a replacement from the spare list.


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