Volunteer Activities

Leduc Curling Club – ADULT Volunteer Participation

All Members of the Leduc Curling Club will be expected to volunteer in order to ensure the success of the club (this includes all alternates registered).  As a member you will have the option of :

a. “Non-Participatory fee of $100.00” if you do not wish to volunteer for any activities in the club.
b. “Participatory Deposit of $200.00” – payment by Undated Cheque or Credit card Number on File – which will be returned once you volunteer for any club participation opportunity. For those individuals who have not competed any volunteer activity – cheques/credit cards will be cashed/processed August 31, 2014. If you sign up for a volunteer function and do not show up, your cheque will be cashed immediately.
Once you have completed the volunteer activity the $200.00 “Club Participatory Deposit Cheque or Credit card number on file – will be returned to you.
FOR A MEMBER PARTICIPATING IN MULTIPLE LEAGUES – The “Club Participatory Deposit” or the “Non-Participatory Fee” is required one time only. Not required for every League.

Recognized Volunteer Commitments
□ WORKING A BINGO – The first bingo will be recorded as one volunteer activity. Any subsequent bingos worked will receive a $25.00 Credit toward next year’s curling fees. The sign-up sheets are on the table by the curling club office.
□ Chairing a Bonspiel Committee, working on the committee or working multiple shifts during a bonspiel.

□ Fulfill a role on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Leduc Curling Club
□ Selling 3 books (each book is 30 tickets) of Grey Cup Tickets. (Available at registration)
□ Assisting with organizing the Year-End Banquet.
□ Assisting with instructing the Monday Rookie League (8PM – 10PM)
□ Assisting with ice maintenance for scheduled events.

All curling registration payments and club participation cheques must be received prior to curling.