Club Rules

Club Rules of Play

The Canadian Curling Association (CCA) rules shall be in effect for all games subject to the following House Rules for all Leduc Curling Club Leagues:

1. A Substitute can play any position the individual is replacing or lower. (Cannot bump regular players to lower positions). The Designated Alternates Noted on the “Team Registration” – filed by a member of the team at time of Registration – are eligible to play in “ANY POSITION” as these individuals are registered for the Team. Each registered team member is responsible for a volunteer activity for the club.
2. Designated team members must be registered by December 1st of the current curling season.
3. Each team will be responsible for obtaining their substitutes.
4. Draw times commence as per scheduled at the start of the season. Teams failing to show within 30 minutes from the start time will forfeit the game. Late teams will be penalized one point and one end for every 10 minutes they are late, as well, they will give up the hammer.
5. At the sound of the bell, the end in progress will be completed and one more end will be played. The end shall be considered in progress until the score has been determined in the end (CCA Rule) This Rule shall be in place unless agreed upon prior to the start of the game by both skips.
6. “Jugs” (Subject to sponsorship) – The team in possession of the jug board when the bell sounds receives the jug. The bell for the jug will ring an hour and 45 minutes after the scheduled start time. See the Manager or Ice Maker to get the Jug Certificate. The certificate is only valid for that night.
7. The winning team will be responsible for recording wins and losses for both teams on the appropriate scorecards. Any discrepancies regarding the points on the standing board must be brought to the attention of the manager within three weeks or they will be considered valid and binding.
8. Teams must make up all games prior to the start of playoffs. If a game cannot be rescheduled the canceling team shall forfeit.
9. Grievances or protests shall be made in writing to the manager. The board will adjudicate the final decision in writing.
10. All games will be eight ends or to the time limit unless specified. Game points are presented per whatever square you are in and are awarded once the Score Card is properly filled out by the winning third, or a member from that team. All ties remain ties.
Revised June, 2014